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Computer Protection

Find a wide range of stylish quality Computer Protection Anti-glare Sunglasses. Protect your eyes from harmful UV and blue rays from your computer and other screen devices. 

Brand: KATELUO Model: #9928
Antiglare blue-ray filter computer sunglasses with UV protection. Provide all-day protection, against the detrimental effect high energy visible blue light. ..
Brand: KATELUO Model: 9219
Antiglare blue light-ray filter computer sunglasses with UV protection. All-day protection, against the detrimental effect high energy visible blue light...
Brand: KATELUO Model: 13025
Find a wide variety of Antiglare blue light filter sunglasses for men and women from Blok Shop Nairobi Kenya. Make orders and have them delivered countrywide...
Brand: KATELUO Model: 9931
Get this Antiglare Computer sunglasses with blue light and UV filter from us Blok Shop Nairobi Kenya. Solves the issue of eye fatigue while using your devices. ..
Brand: KATELUO Model: 9930
High quality stylish and durable antiglare computer antiglare glasses with a blue light filter to use with your devices. Best prices Nairobi Kenya...
Brand: KATELUO Model: 13031
Polarized sunglasses help to reduce eye fatigue. They effectively block 99% of hurt from computer radiation, help resolve the issue of eye fatigue, relieve screen syndrome, and improve your vision performance. Anti-UVAnti-BluerayRadiation resistantLightweightItem Type: Eyewear AccessoriesGender..
Brand: KATELUO Model: 13032
High-definition Polarized Eyewear sunglasses that are suitable for computer use and are anti-uv400, anti-blue lase radiation, and are also lightweight. They are also lightweight and not easy to deform. TheY come with a test card that you can use to see how the lenses work.Anti-uv400Unisex eyewearAnt..
Brand: KATELUO Model: 9930
Computer anti-glare eyeglasses. Blocks 99% of hurt from computer radiation. Solves the issue of eye fatigue. Filters the blue laser but not affecting normal use..
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