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UV400 Protective Sunglasses for Man Women,HDCRAFTER Sport Style Sunglasses for Driving Fishing Boating, Unbreakable Frame and Scratch Resistant

Technical Specifications

Weight (kg) : 0.16
Weight (kg):0.16
Item no: TR001Specification: conventionalGlasses
structure: frameWhether polarized: yes
Lens material: resinStyle: fashionableFrame material: TR90UV level: UV400Style: new styleVisible light fluorescence: 99 (%) FeaturesDelicate sunglassesIt has a relatively new shapeIt is fully functionalLet customers get the most practical productsYou can write down your Suggestions in the comments sectionWe will revise it according to your opinionWhat In the Box1 * sunglassesSpecifications of HDCRAFTER Sunglasses With Polarizer Lenses For Men - Classic Sunglasses Wholesale E001 SKUFA203AC0LUCH2NAFAMZ Product Linesunglasses sunglasses Production countryChina Size (L x W x H cm)15X5X10 Weight (kg)0.1kg ColourMulti Main materialSynthetic Care labelfashion sunglasses Product warranty1
Key Features
Fashion HDCRAFTER Sunglasses With Polarizer Lenses For Men - Classic Sunglasses Wholesale E001
What's in the Box
1 x Sunglasses

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