Happy new Month ladies and gentlemen. An article is up to help kick off the month. we talk of some must have mobile apps. Add some more that have proven useful to you at the comment section. Enjoy!

  1. Forest: Stay focused: Productivity

Does your phone keep you from working? This application is just for you, the forest app allows you to put down the phone and concentrate on things that are more important. The goal is to plant a tree every time you want to focus, the trees grow while you work and if you leave the app, the tree dies. If your forest is lush, you have been doing good work concentrating. If your phone is a hindrance to your productivity, this app is for you.

  1. One note

Everyone keeps notes and since we do not carry pen and paper every day, OneNote is the best application for you, you can record notes both in writing and verbally, record audio notes and it synchronizes to all your devices. The app allows you to revise your notes with type, highlighting, or ink annotations as well as an option to share your notes with coworkers, families and friends.

  1. Meme Generator: Entertainment

If you are a fun person, then this app is for you, find a hilarious image to use to on your memes and even upload your own pictures as well as write. This app is for fun people. Bottom line is if you are a meme fan, you will enjoy this app, be it to keep up with trends or to

  1. Wickr Messenger

Everybody has a messaging app, be it WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or WeChat; we are always in communication with our peers and families. None of these Apps can assure you of privacy than Wickr application. They use a patented encryption system and promise not to correct your data. Wickr keeps conversations private by using peer-to-peer encryption, which does not rely on centralized private decryption methods. All data is encrypted using AES256 in transit and when stored on your device, and both messages and media are “forensically wiped” from your device after they expire. Not to mention, you can set the messages to self-destruct. It also has a patented digital security bubble that restricts anyone from prying on your correspondences. Therefore, for those sensitives conversations ditch WhatsApp and SMS and embrace Wickr.

  1. Google maps

Thanks to Google maps and GPS technology, Google Maps has revolutionized the way we travel today or even make our businesses visible. Of all these features, nothing beats the traffic functionality, now we can easily predict traffic and easily chose a route or accurately estimate our estimated time of arrivals.

  1. Quora

Quora is an application for intellects, on this app, you can ask all sorts of questions and you can be sure you will get an answer. You can upvote answers that are more relevant to help other users. You can also share your knowledge here as you keep on learning. Therefore, if you have been wondering why the chicken crossed the road, Quora is the best place to be. You can ask questions as easy as, is Schrodinger’s cat still alive? Or hard ones like why did the chicken cross the road.