We are in the 21st century, for those of us who might have forgotten. Our lifestyles have immensely changed and at some point in our lives we have had to adapt to some of this changes. Transport is one of those areas that have significantly changed such that even animals have boarded vehicles alongside human beings. By animals i don’t only mean the pets, but also cattle, chicken etc. Thankfully we got to board the vehicles first.

While some pets have made to the planes can we make a deal that no chicken gets to board a plane before you, as a man. Deal? Great. Now as you save up to fly, i have done some reading and will just leave some take outs here on some dos and dont’s.

  1. Footwear.

You will be undergoing security checks and unlike some of the checks done in our malls and supermarkets, those at the airports are thorough you will have to take off your shoes. To save time wear simple loafers or trainers. Should you need to wear laced up shoes the process of undoing should be one quick one.

In addition, please avoid slippers or flip flops. Higher altitudes come with low temperatures. We all agree that Cold feet makes your entire existence uncomfortable. However it may also be warm in the plane and the last thing we want is to smell you feet.

2. Luggage.

Avoid superfluous jewellery. If possible have all your accessories and gadgets in a hand luggage bag and not in the pockets. As earlier mentioned you don’t want to waste your time and that of others on the security checks.  On that note have some cool classy luggage bags. I think a classy watch and sunglasses will suffice.

Avoid buggy clothes. You might look suspicious to the guards as one concealing illegal goods. Do a thorough such on the weather of your destination and let that guide on what to pack.

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Source: http://blok.co.ke/Bags/Canvas-laptop-bags

4. Manners

I can’t stress this enough but always carry your manners. Don’t be the guy causing chaos at the ports or arguing with the cabin crew, taking up the armrest to yourself in the entire flight, drinking excessive alcohol, seating in an uncivilized manner among others.    

5. Chewing Gum.

Finally. Take out your notebooks for some physics lesson. A change in atmospheric pressure always has some physical consequences. Your body will try to adapt to that change and as probably experienced your ears will feel the effect. In such situations, natural processes of your body readjusting is through yawning.. To help relieve of that uncomfortable feeling chewing helps. Thus you can carry some chewing gum. However, have it be still sealed at the security checks otherwise you will be forced to trash it.

Safe flight gentlemen.