Hey there, how is your 2019 so far? A word if things are still bad, keep hope alive, okay probably more than a word, but for real, keep hope alive. At Blok Shop, we are super excited for the strides made, or baby steps, however you choose to see it. Our checkout section is now fully automated. You can order and make payments online now. The payments option vary, from Mpesa, airtel money, Visa card, Mastercard etc. Your order is then delivered to you within 24 hrs. For long distant locations this time may vary but be sure we have identified the best courier services in town to have your delivery reaching you in different parts of our country!.

We, as Kenyans are slowly and increasingly embracing online shopping. I view it as among the disruptive behaviors in the modern society. It comes with its own challenges, true to many who may have been conned after making an online purchase. However when done right and with due diligence done it’s a great experience that saves one a lot of time.

Let’s look at a few to do stuff to consider when embarking on online shopping.

  1. Take your time

Even when you decide to show up physically to a store for a purchase, you diligently take your time in selecting, counterchecking, measuring your product, where that is needed. You may need to do the same with online shopping. Examine the products carefully, read the product descriptions carefully among others.

a. Measurements.

Unlike where you are physically available in a store to buy say a piece of cloth, online shopping may face a challenge in this. Hence you may need to know your body measurements and counter check them with those on the online store(Make sure there is one provided). Basic measurements of your body your may need to know is, height, shoulder, breast girth, waist girth and hip girth. With these you are safe with your purchase trusting that the store’s clothes table size match that of the clothes.

b. Description

I have mentioned this earlier. Read the product description carefully, check expiry dates for consumables. Terms of usage, special uses of the products, storage conditions, cleaning instructions and so on.

c. Research on the materials.

As an example, when buy clothes do a research on the fabric, the number of stitches, density, weight etc. Know the effect of different conditions to the fabric as well: Temperatures, chemicals, among others. Remember you don’t have option of touching the fabric. For jewelries, research on the material used to make them. Make sure it does not react to your skin. Apply this to any other product you are buying online

2. Counter-check with other online vendors

It is a free market out there. Willing buyer, willing seller. The end goal is to make a profit. Some will therefore charge exorbitantly to hit this target first. It is therefore prudent that you do a comparison with other vendors. This may help you save some dime, gather more information on the desired product and or even better deals.

3. Payments

Now, this portion right here has caused many to lose trust with online shopping. Seek online stores that offer trusted online payment methods unlike those that insist that you make payments to personal contacts. Alternatively, request for the cash on delivery option. With this, have your product delivered to a secure place if it’s not being delivered to a specific address. Your security is paramount and gangs masquerading to be online sellers are ready to rob you off in the name of delivering to queer places.

4. Reread the stores T&C, Privacy policy and Delivery policy.

Have a look at this information before confirming your purchase. Find out if there are cash back guarantees, whether returns are accepted, just to mention a few.

With these and many more tips available in the internet on online shopping. we wish you a happy shopping and a Prosperous 2019.


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