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26 Jun Different Types of Leather.
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There are different leather types used to make leather products. The durability, texture and even the price of the product is dependent on the leather type and its factory processing. We will look at ..
17 May How Polarization works on Sunglasses
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Polarized lenses were invented in 1936 by Edwin H. Land after the discovery that light waves, which are usually erratic and vibrate in many directions, become aligned in one direction after bouncing..
10 May A book review; Drunk- Jackson Biko
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“You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that ..
16 Apr Loans service providers in Kenya
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It has been rightly observed that a good percentage of apps being downloaded in Kenya are apps that offer loans and betting services. Whether this is a clear indication of the state of our economy i..
29 Mar Product vs its Price: A beats by Dre Example
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More than often you have wondered why a product has been so highly priced even though it is of the same quality with other alternative products in the market. When beats by Dre hit the market. They go..
08 Mar Happy International Women’s Day.
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8th March it is. We celebrate the women in the world. Happy international women’s day to all of you women. Quite often, the women have been referred to the weaker gender. Sadly, this has been taken ..
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We all have won a tie at some point in our lives. To some, it is in your daily outfit. To others it is won on special occasions like weddings, graduations, when proposing and the like. Some love it wh..
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Disclaimer, i am not  an ardent shopper and will not therefore claim to know much about shopping, but hey, there is information around us at our disposal. We look at the whole or rather part of the wo..
03 Mar Travelling: The art
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We are in the 21st century, for those of us who might have forgotten. Our lifestyles have immensely changed and at some point in our lives we have had to adapt to some of this changes. Transport is on..
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6 MUST-HAVE APPSHappy new Month ladies and gentlemen. An article is up to help kick off the month. we talk of some must have mobile apps. Add some more that have proven useful to you at the comment se..
30 Nov Online Shopping
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Hey there, how is your 2019 so far? A word if things are still bad, keep hope alive, okay probably more than a word, but for real, keep hope alive. At Blok Shop, we are super excited for the strides m..
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